Today, the exhibitors are antique dealers from all over Italy and from abroad. In this market you can find many different things, from furniture to vintage modern objects, from trinkets also of great honor and prestigious fashion clothes and vintage furs, dall'antiquariato east Anatolian carpets and kilims, paintings, lace and tablecloths, antique prints and books, ending with the most sought after items of interest almost strictly collectors.

Throughout the "Road Soffitta in" the old town of Sarzana is filled with stalls of antiques and modern, even 150, which extend to the "carob" in an atmosphere filled with festive lights and sounds that characterize the event since its creation . Walking through the streets of central Sarzana breathes history at every corner: via Mazzini, the route of the historic palaces, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, where you can admire the wooden crucifix Mastro Guglielmo of 1138, the church of Sant ' Andrea, the eleventh century, Piazza Matteotti, with its ancient palaces. It is in this frame in August is up "in Soffitta Road."

For the protection of our buyers has been established the presence of an art "that provide free advice to customers in Soffitta Street. The street vendors are required to exhibit the signs that inform customers of the service offered by the art with a lot of times and phone number in which the same consultant will be available at the town hall. Furthermore, the same expert, this year, will assess the exhibitors in the Soffitta Road bench for bench to verify the quality of the goods for sale in order to qualify increasingly antique marketplace.