The Path of Rebocco

This path has already been mentioned on the page called "Directions", but here it will deepen the path of the tour starts, uphill, from Scalinata Maggioli near the Grotto of Our Lady, in the direction TORACCA Lower.

The territory that go hand in hand to discover a number of vantage points around the Gulf of the Poets of remarkable beauty. Along the road you can see ancient dry stone walls and vegetation where the olive tree alternates the oak, the oak and chestnut. On top of the stairs a deviation to the right of the path leads you to the source Bocca Lupara with the famous "treggi" below.

In the area there are two caves historically linked to so-called Sacred Fontane del Golfo, the most famous of these is called "Domus Nympharum".

Continuing on the main path you will reach the Lower and TORACCA bit higher TORACCA Superior, this small country, even if little known, it is very delicious and the idea of a village in miniature. What to see in Lower TORACCA is the Oratorio di San Gaetano.

From here via Sant'Anna, which will take you to the village of Sant'Anna, where you can admire a small, but delightful little church and a typical Ligurian treggio. From here you can reach Via Parodi which will take you on the homonymous mountain from which the paths for walking or hiking in the Cinque Terre.

To take part in a backward path up to the Scalinata Maggiano which is an ancient mule track that down, he leads again Rebocco.

The Path of Chiappa

The walk starts from Via Genova roughly close to the house number 368 and along a path slightly uphill to arrive at the entrance to the path of Via Salto del Gatto, to Guarsedo (name of country dialect, the term referred to as civic Guercedo ), an ancient settlement which was headed by the Parish Marinasco.

It passes under an arch of stone and paving the path, but grass is flat while crossing the hill cultivated mainly screw. Through the vegetation you can see the location Salto del Gatto, a little further on, bowing slightly to the right is a ladder that leads to the church of Saint Lucia nestled in a grove of oaks.

Going beyond the chapel and continue on a path between the vineyards and olive groves to the right that is not an ancient medieval street called Via Coast of Saint Lucia from which you reach Via Montalbano, having traveled throughout ssi must continue towards Coste in which it is located near the monastery of Santa Maria del Mare.

De Coste, follow a path downhill until you reach Stra which is a very impressive panoramic view. Going back a piece of Via Montalbano towards Foce you reach the junction for the Valdurasca from here you can take two paths.

The first, to the north, brings us the ancient Pieve di Santo Stefano di Marinasco, the second in a southerly direction leads down to Via della Guercio that runs alongside the park Buttini until you reach Via benedictory and then again in Via Genova to the number 428.