About Us

The choice of an activity can depend on many factors. Studies, an inheritance, a chance event, the fruit of a family tradition or a strong link with a particular geographical location. This is the case of sisters Maria Angela and Nadia Guelfi, a singular and unique combination. Being born in Corniglia, in the centre of the Cinque Terre, and carrying out since 2000 such a particular activity as welcoming guests from all over the world, explains alone the success that is the basis of their adventure. An exceptional mix! A unique village in the world, an authentic testimony of the Cinque Terre and of the inhabitants who struggled to wrest from the sea and from the voracious nature lands that then became direct expressions of their strong will. And two sisters who have been able to interpret these characteristics in the best way, transposing in the choice of the practical all their love for the land where they were born. The result could only be exceptional.